The Dirty Shame

The Dirty Shame


Sat, May 21 @ 8pm

No Cover


The Dirty Shame is an Outlaw Country band from Bozeman, MT, formed in 2006 by founder & frontman Brandon Hale. The band was inspired from Hale’s early years spending time with his grandfather in the still untamed & wild northern corner of the state Yaak, MT.

Brandon Hale’s band, the Dirty Shame has been together in some iteration since 2006, and the band produced one album. Hale wrote most of the songs on the self-titled cd, and his lyrics describe characters from a hard-living western life. In the thread of classic country, his bar-goers and modern highwaymen accept hardships with a mix of party, mourning, and a touch of sweetness.

In “Lonesome Highway,” Hale sings:
“Got this aching in my heart, got to get the hell out of here
I don’t recognize the face staring back at me in the rearview mirror
Nobody said it would be easy, nobody said it’d be easy to be free
I guess it’s just time to pick up the pieces, pick up the pieces of me
Hey there bartender I’ll have one more beer and I’ll be on my way
Before I take my first steps on this Lonesome Highway”